Before I left for the PCT, a veteran PCT thru-hiker recommended I take an umbrella for at least the desert portion. I’m not much of a hat person because they make me feel hot and sweaty, so I decided maybe the umbrella would be a good idea. After several weeks of use I can say I LOVE IT. It’s definitely worth the 8 ounces. I feel I need less water because I’m staying cooler and I don’t have to wait for rock/tree shade to take breaks–very much a morale booster during the hot, dry, stagnant desert days.

I will say, though, that I feel like Mary Poppins while using it and the “Spoonful of Sugar” song is often stuck in my head. You’ve been warned!

More details on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2padf5b

Happy Trails!

I will be posting a weekly gear-related item. It will always be something I have used or seen used enough that I would recommend. Hopefully, this helps stimulate conversation about gear and assist beginning backpackers with gear selection.

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