During my Appalachian Trail thru-hike, I started off with the Sawyer Squeeze which is lighter (3.2 oz) and cheaper ($25-$40) than the Platypus Gravity Filter, but the ease of the gravity system was apparent when I saw a trail friend use it. I got tired of squeezing with the Sawyer and swapped to this. You literally fill the “dirty” bag with water, hang it up and let gravity work its magic! No squeezing, no effort. There is a 4L system (the clean and dirty bags) as well, but the 2L bags were fine for me as a solo hiker. The “clean” bag can be hooked to a hydration tube with a bite valve and used as your hydration bladder.

I traded my Sawyer for the Platypus Gravity Filter while in Virginia.

Check out this system on Amazon:

I’ve been told you can rig a system a gravity system using the Sawyer (regular and mini) but I haven’t tried it. Have y’all? Please feel free to share your thoughts about either of these filtration systems!

Happy Trails–
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