On my AT thru-hike, I notice that I reallyย liked taking pictures. Of course the mountains and various landscapes were beautiful, but I especially enjoyed capturing the smaller critters–bugs, newts, algae, etc. IPhone cameras actually do fairly well with macro shots, but it was hard to capture images as close as I wanted.

A fuzzy caterpillar smiling for a picture on the Appalachian Trail in Maine (taken with my iPhone 6).

Before heading out for the PCT, I decided to look into lens attachments for my iPhone since I don’t have a fancy camera. Through some research, the Moment lenses came to light and I’ve really enjoyed using the macro lens on my PCT hike so far! It opens your eyes to a whole new world. I enjoy taking time to appreciate the little things and taking pictures along the way helps me to appreciate what’s going on around me.

Taken with the iPhone 7 – No lens attachment


Captured with and iPhone 7 and the Moment Macro Lens

Moment lenses attach to your phone camera by screwing into an adhesive plate you press onto the phone. It’s really that simple.

Moment Macro Lens attached to an iPhone 6

Anyway, if you have any questions about my experience with this lens–let me know! To review the specs and learn more about the lens, check it out on Amazon:ย

Happy Trails!

I will be posting a weekly gear-related item. It will always be something I have used or seen used enough that I would recommend. Hopefully, this helps initiate conversation about gear and assist beginning backpackers with gear selection.