Joby GorillaPod Hybrid Tripod


Although a tripod isn’t a necessary piece of backpacking gear, it is especially helpful for bloggers, vloggers and others who enjoying capturing the beauty of nature. I find it to be an essential tool when capturing time lapses, slow motion videos and when you don’t want to feel awkward asking someone else to take your picture for you and a selfie just won’t cut it.

I love capturing time lapse videos of sunrises and sunsets.


If you feel awkward taking selfies or asking someone else to snap a photo of you a tripod will come in handy!


What I like about this lightweight (only 7 oz.) tripod in particular the versatility it offers. The GorillaPod’s 10″ long flexible legs are bendable allowing it to wrap around branches or form to the shape of boulders. The base spins 360 degrees, tilts side to side and has a built in bubble level. What more could a backpacker ask for in a tripod? As far as durability goes, I haven’t managed to kill mine yet and I’ve made it past the halfway point on my PCT thru-hike.



If you want to learn more about the tripod, you can check it out here:

Because I use my phone to capture photos and videos, I use a smart phone attachment that mounts to the tripod. It attaches very easily by screwing it onto existing threads. There are other attachments for cameras, but this is the set up I use.

To see the smart phone attachment you can check it out here:

Happy Trails!


I will be posting a weekly gear-related item. It will always be something I have used or seen used enough that I would recommend. Hopefully, this helps initiate conversation about gear and assist beginning backpackers with gear selection.