I have just left Pennsylvania heading to Alabama. My blog is slightly behind, but I will be off the trail for the next few days and can hopefully update it. As of now, I am in Port Clinton, Pennsylvania (as far as my position on trail). I am currently heading to Alabama because my dog daughter, Sugar Belle, isn’t doing so well. She had surgery to remove an obstruction (some kind of cloth she had eaten) on Wednesday, July 15th. Because her intestine was perforated in multiple places, a large section of her small intestine had been removed. She was recovering pretty well, but things turned for the worse last night (Friday, July 17th) and she had to undergo another surgery to repair a spot where the stitches had torn away on her intestine. She really needs some prayers/good thoughts sent her way right now. I do not like asking for help, but don’t have much of a choice at this time. If you are able to, thank you! If not, I would appreciate you sharing the link just as much. Thank y’all for all of your support–