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TAKE A THRU-HIKE is Available On Amazon!

August 10, 2016


If you’ve been drowning in the sea of information while planning your thru-hike (or an extensive section) of the Applachian Trail, look no further!

Because the AT was my first overnight backpacking trip, I had a lot to learn. Although I’m rather seasoned now, I can still remember the questions and concerns I had before beginning my hike. My goal for this ebook was to cover all of the bases in helping prepare someone for their own thru-hike.

Some of the topics included in this ebook are:

  • Physical & Mental Prep
  • Gear List
  • Picking a Pack
  • Backpacking Stoves
  • Shelter Selection
  • Hygiene on Trail
  • Financial Breakdown (of my hike)
  • Etiquette
  • Safety & Wildlife
  • Hiking With a Dog

…and more!

Click the Amazon image above to download your free sample now.

Jessica Mills
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31 Discussion to this post

  1. Scott (((Magnum))) McLeroy says:

    Awesome sauce!! Your videos were the first ones I had ever seen about thru hiking (binge watched like 12 hours one saturday after coming across one by accident). Now, I’m an aspiring future thru hiker (thanks to you! :)…so looking forward to this ebook! Bout to go purchase!

  2. Yeah!!! The ebook is out!!! Woo hoo; already purchased by copy (wish I could get it in print).

  3. Julius Daniels says:

    Happy to contribute. Its on my kindle. Nice work Miss Jessica.
    Kickatree 17

  4. Jesse Lee says:

    I had watched all your videos, that got me to start planning my thru hike. I just got your e book.!!
    I believe you might have just hiked your way into the calling and career of your life!!

  5. Jesse Lee says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  6. Salty Dog says:

    Just watched utube on why you switched to tent. It certainly made sense as learning all the in’s & outs of hammock camping takes time & research. I learned a lot from Shug Emory’s u tube videos. A wealth of info. I used a warbonnet hammock w/ integrated bug net. Hammock gear tarp (cuben winter palace) under & over quilts from warbonnet gear. I slept great for 109 nights on the at. However I spent at least 100 nights in it testing & figuring out how to stay warm & dry. I found that there were way more good hammock sites on AT than for level tent sites. All this w/ stakes was about 41/2 lbs. Not cheap though. I plan on doing pct in April 2017 with similar setup. Perhaps a pad thru sierras for ground. Love your videos. Keep them up & congrats on book.

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks for the input! I know some people are very sensitive to level ground for their tent. I can sleep at a slope and not know I’m alive haha. I’ve heard good things about the war bonnets! I think I would’ve liked hammocking better with a lighter set-up, for sure.

  7. Paul says:

    Jessica, How did you videotape your AT hike, what kind of camera? Loved the videos.

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks, Paul! I used my iPhone 6 (and I still do).

      • Paul says:

        How do you make the videos wide screen on YouTube because when I try it with my iPhone 6 the videos are narrow and hard to see. Thanks for the help.

        • Jessica says:

          No problem! I’m glad you asked 🙂 When you are filming, hold the phone sideways. So, the top of the phone is pointing left and the bottom is pointing right. Does that make sense?

          • Paul says:

            Jessica, I can’t believe I didn’t think of something that simple but I will try it. Thanks for your help. I happened across one of your videos on YouTube and watched it and then I watched another and another and another and I thought they were great. It’s amazing to me that you had not hiked before and yet you had the courage to move forward and complete this awesome journey. You seemed nervous and apprehensive in your initial video at Amacalola falls and by the time it was over you were confident, seasoned and self-assured. Congratulations and thanks again for posting those videos.

          • Jessica says:

            Awww, thank you Paul! I’m glad you like the videos. Haha, I hate that first one in a way. I sound like I’m about to cry, because I am. I did come a long way, though! The AT does that for you 🙂 Try that with your phone and let me know if it works! You can’t know what you don’t know. Someone told me, too 😉

          • Paul says:

            Jessica, what you suggested worked perfectly but my videos are very blurry And your videos are clear. What could acount for the difference? Do you have a special account with YouTube? I have an iPhone 6 by the way. Also what did you do to deal with ticks along the Appalachian Trail? I don’t recall seeing anything about this in your videos.

            Thank you very much,

  8. Rick "RangerWez" Wezowicz says:

    Yeah … but it only got better after that first video; until your doggie passed … I cried when I saw that video.

    • Jessica says:

      Yeah, that was rough. She would’ve been 12 years old on the 15th of this month 🙁 I was tempted to not share what was going on during that time, but I knew I wouldn’t be my normal self and I figured I might as well be honest about things to expect/plan for while on trail–like home emergencies.

  9. Phil says:

    The videos were very inspiring because they are down-to-earth and showed me that I don’t need to be a backpacking expert to start an AT thru hike. Dixie and her editor did such a terrific job. It was interesting to see how she changed and matured throughout her hike. bought a pack and started practicing for 2017 on the flat trail near my house here in Minnesota. Joined the Superior Hiking Trail Association and volunteered to help on one of their trail maintenance teams. Just downloaded the book. Will start on it over morning coffee . Looking forward to Jessica’s PCT videos.

  10. Guy Wentink says:

    Hi! Followed you all along your journey. A drug of sorts. Was on the trail while you were, but time constraints never allowed our paths to cross. I am a Troopmaster of a Trail Life USA unit in NC. We tackle a new segment every quarter. Soon to complete VA. What I love most about you is your respect for the outdoors and people overall. I mentioned in a comment or two that you seem to really know what is important in life….that the influence and impact you will have on others will be life-changing for some. I also commented on your gift of writing…keep it up!

    I expect that you summited a few 14teeners while in CO as well. Nothing speaks of God’s perfect creation than the summit of a 14k foot peak in Colorado.
    Keep writing…sharing your experiences. Love being a part of it.

  11. charles frye says:

    Hi, i am 64 and just started walking the trail with my son. when you were go was the any older people on the trail? all i see are young people. i feel old.

  12. Salty Dog says:

    Hey Dixie. Just hiked the foothills trail. It was awesome to be back home. I loved your patience–tolerance statement… so true. I’m slowly getting in trail shape after summer of beach time. In Wayne’s I’ll nc headed to hot springs for series of in& out hikes then home for turkey day. Still would love to converse about pct planning. Please contact at or call-text 252-305-6199. Salty Dog

  13. Steve says:

    Got it in my head to do a section hike of the Pacific Crest Trail (the Oregon section) next summer. Just found your blog and youtube videos and definitely like what I see in the way of prepping (I have a good deal of gear from REI, our local outdoor stores, when my son was a scout) for a long term hike. Even though it is only a section hike this time around, I am still looking at approx. 489 miles and upwards of 20 days – though I still work full-time and may need to split the hike into 2 trips around my job… We will see!! Anyway, enjoying the information!

  14. Jungle John says:

    May our paths cross on a trail in this life or the next. Thank you so much for re-igniting that fire under my butt to get back out there and do some serious hiking!

  15. Hev says:

    Any way to get the book on a nook instead of a kindle?

    • Stephen says:

      Hev, this may no longer be timely information, but if you have a PC, download Calibre which is a free ebook library/reading program for Windows (may be for Mac as well, but I am a PC user) and then download the MOBI format kindle book and have Calibre convert it to the EPUB format which is used on the Nook. Should be pretty seamless.

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