PCT Gear List – Coming Soon!

Next month, I will begin my journey on the Pacific Crest Trail. I have made some upgrades on my gear since my 2015 AT thru-hike to shed some pack weight. Hoping the decrease in base weight will help offset water weight in the desert, we will see. Stay tuned! Happy...

Gear Item of the Week: Darn Tough Wool Socks

DARN TOUGH WOOL SOCKS I used to be a big SmartWools fan, but the LIFETIME guarantee on Darn Tough socks is unbeatable. I had a mouse chew a hole in my sock while on trail and they actually honored the guarantee. They have all sorts of size, length and cushion...

Gear Item of the Week: Platypus Gravity Filter

PLATYPUS GRAVITY FILTER During my Appalachian Trail thru-hike, I started off with the Sawyer Squeeze which is lighter (3.2 oz) and cheaper ($25-$40) than the Platypus Gravity Filter, but the ease of the gravity system was apparent when I saw a trail friend use it. I...

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